These terminologies are for local use, varying in some countries.

Cubear: Send or revoke without having a good hand or not being linked.

Command: is what each player offers to be played, the command has the one with the highest card, and is done by the right.

Pot: is the accumulated of what is being played in one hand.

The balona; is the first bet or bid that is made to the initial each hand.

The rest: is when a player sends everything that is left on the table.

Revoke: is when a player accepts the command and submits a new bet over the one made by the one who commands.

Flirt:It is when the cards are combined with one of the poker plays.

Pass or exit: is when the player withdraws from the hand.

Check or check: is when the player who corresponds to the command does not make any bet and leaves the pot in the same amount giving the command to the player that is left to the right.

Virar: when the player who is in control accepts the bet.

See: is when the player accepts the bet.

Be complete: when you have one of the combinations in the type of poker.

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