Retailers want to cash in on poker

Enterprising Ohio retailers, who noticed the growing popularity of gambling, are offering a set of obligatory goods. According to, referring to the Associated Press, that they found playing cards and chips to be very successful products due to the popularity of televised poker tournaments.

So far, many stores are offering displays of casino-quality chips and gaming tables with holders for drinks and betting chips paypal casino.

Karen Burk, the representative of Walmart, said: “The renewed interest in poker may make a deck of cards the top stocking stuffer of the holidays this year. Poker, which was introduced to much of the country by boats on the Mississippi and Ohio rivers in the 1800s, is now seeing another surge due to cable networks televising tournaments at all hours which is fuelling the poker craze.

Gambling has become a topic of commercial interest for retailers only very recently. Few networks were offering goods for poker a year ago. But the stunning success of World Poker Tour has added tremendously to the popularity preoducts related to the game of poker., a popular online poker site, cited the results of one survey. According to it, from 50 to 60 million people play poker at least once a month. The scale of these games ranges from large organized tournaments to games played in basements by students. is also at the leading edge of this boom. The company also offers a line of variousaccessories, books, games, to satisfy the tastes of any gambler.

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