This board game is played with a deck. The player has two ways to earn money with this game of stud poker or carribeno poker . The first is similar to other poker table games. The player places an initial bet, in the corresponding space on the table (pot). The giver deals five cards to the player and five cards for himself. The last card that is dealt to the giver is turned face up, so that the player can see its value.

At this time, the player can see his five cards and one of the cards of the giver. At this time, the player can surrender or bet. If the player gives up, the hand and the initial bet go to the giver and a new hand begins. If the player decides to bet and compare his hand with that of the giver, he has to place the bet on the table. The bet has to be twice the value of the initial, not more, not less.

The giver now shows his cards to the player. The hand of the giver is valid if he has an Ace, a King or a poker play superior . If the hand of the giver is not valid and the player has bet, the giver returns the bet and the value deposited at the beginning, plus an amount equal to the initial deposit, as winnings. If the giver’s hand is valid, but the player’s hand wins, the player earns an amount equal to that deposited at the beginning and his bet is paid according to the value of the poker play .