Poker is a complex game not because of its rules but because of its variables. There is no doubt that luck plays an important role in the success of playing poker , but, in the long run in the game certainly, that skill is very important.

Here are some of the strategies to play poker :

Do not play with little money.

Be risky at the moment of command

Know the weakness of the opponent

Know when you have good cards or be aware of the expectations of flirting.

In the cube or rock it is important to make the opposing player believe that you have a good league, you also do the opposite, when you are tied, you are shown fear to give security to the contrary that you get into the bet.

In order to have a good strategy the poker player must have a conscious or unconscious understanding of the probabilities of the expectations. He

must know when he risks a quantity of money depending on the amount of the pot. You must compare the amount of money in the pot and the amount of money you have played. It helps a lot asking the following question, is it worth continuing in this hand? That’s why it’s important to know when you have good cards in your hand.

A bad strategy of poker is to play many hands, you will win more doubling more often.

This discipline should not be played simply as recreation, it is required in the game of poker as an indispensable condition to have patience and discipline, you have to play firmly.

Another good poker strategy is to observe that the crag or cube is not the key to the game as you may think, cheating has its multiple pleasures but it should not be done indistinctly. You can make a bluff or bucket not too expensive, like a trap so players can think you are a talker and stay inside when you really have a good hand.

The goal is to beat several players, do not try to beat the best player at the table.

Must be aware of when to withdraw from the game losing or winning. Remember that luck will not always be with you, this is a game of luck, probabilities and above all cunning.